About Publicity Matters: All things bright and digital (all budgets great and small)

Providing first class brand and digital marketing for all SMEs through design, web and content channels supporting businesses in the South West and beyond.

How will Publicity Matters work for me?

Having over 30 years experience shaping our agency for today’s competitive arena, we have digital marketing strategies to suit every budget. We pay the same attention to detail for a simple logo design as we would for a multi-national digital marketing campaign.

At Publicity Matters we’ll become part of your marketing journey, part of your team and very much part of your brand experience.

We have witnessed a plethora of industry changes, none bigger than the digital platforms of today. But like the rebirth of vinyl, great design and quality will always stand the test of time.

Our experience gives you confidence we can provide an extensive portfolio of digital marketing services enabling us to deliver a full end-to-end promotional programme, in-house.


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How do Publicity Matters deliver?

Clients value us for our creativity, proven track record, our understanding of their business alongside our attention to detail. We make it our business to know your business helping connect you with your clients, customers and future prospects.

At Publicity Matters egos are left at the door – friendly, approachable, experienced and most of all flexibility is our recipe for success. Some clients have been with us for many years so we must at least be making a good brew!

Our work spans the full marketing spectrum; from strategic analysis and planning, to digital design and development, domain management and hosting, public relations, copywriting and social media brand building campaigns. Our print knowledge is unsurpassed – stationery sets, flyers, corporate brochures, point-of-sale, exhibition stands, vehicle livery, anything that needs printing we will have produced before.

Budget and timescale

We appreciate not everyone has a stellar marketing spend. With a personal approach to discussions around costs, we can formulate a flexible plan that can benefit everyone. We hide nothing, we just deliver on budget, on time every time.

The smallest of jobs often lead to much bigger projects so we treat every request with the same respect. We’ve even designed a small logo for a pie-and-a-pint before?!!

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Let us help you on your digital marketing journey today. How can we help?

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6 Months Free Website Hosting

Are you looking for a new website hosting partner? Need help hosting a website? Why not get in touch with Publicity Matters today to discuss any website hosting or digital marketing support requirements. Through out September we are offering free 6 months hosting on any small website migrated over to Publicity Matters.