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We are sure you already know what an influencer is. What you may not know is what micro influencers are, and why they are on the rise nowadays.

Micro influencers are classified as individuals who have a range of followers between 1000- 500,000 on their social media channels. These people are usually specialised in a particular niche market: fashion, food, wine, sports, travel. Being so influential in their niche market, micro influencers have followers who trust them and have a higher engagement than macro influencers. Micro influencers come across as genuine and authentic when promoting a brand or a product, and are therefore seen as friends to trust, and peers to follow.

Let’s discuss how brands can benefit from this trend on the rise:

  • Higher engagement: Micro influencers interact and engage often with their followers through likes, follows and comments because of their dedicated following. They promote products they truly believe in and connect with their niche audience sharing a brand’s story they believe to be true, becoming brand advocates.
  • Higher conversation rates: We all read and trust recommendations and reviews before purchasing a product, we value other people’s opinions. Statistics prove that 49% of people trust influencers’ recommendations prior to making their purchase decision.
  • Micro influencers are affordable: They are definitely more affordable than celebrities and macro influencers, so consider working with more than one to reach your target customer across different channels.
  • Niche markets: We have already explained this before, but we really want to underline the importance of this. You, as a brand, already have in mind your customer persona, so don’t waste your budget and time appealing to someone online who has a vast and unclear following. Put your energy into someone who has the same interests as you, an individual style that appeals to a particular kind of audience.

Influencer marketing appeared a few years ago as a marketing strategy to reach consumers with brand messages from people they trust. If your audience is online and you’re looking into growing your follower promoting brand loyalty and building brand awareness, don’t overlook micro influencer marketing.

If you want to discuss how micro influencer marketing can help your business to achieve its objectives, get in touch with us.