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A one-off fee across the board. For all development or supportive tasks taken on, Publicity Matters charges £75 per hour (ex. VAT).

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Managed WordPress hosting packages explained

To understand the full benefits of managed hosting it’s useful to understand how unmanaged solutions compare.

With unmanaged hosting you literally rent space on a server from a third party hosting provider. The provider offers you server space with the OS of your choice – they are responsible for operating the equipment and maintaining the physical environment in which the servers are situated. Administering the server remotely is down to you and that includes any software upgrades, patching, security, and monitoring.

If your server goes down what do you do? And that’s just one scenario that can pop up – slow loading issues, cyber-attacks as software out-of-date, you’ve uploaded a new video and now the website can’t handle the traffic. You need IT support to sort this but you hadn’t budgeted for this and you need help NOW!

With either of our 3 managed hosting packages we take that uncertainty and stress away.



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Appointing a new agency can be a bit like dating online – sounds good but is it all spin?

The team at Publicity Matters were certainly worth hooking up with though. Rebranding the ITEC Group, it soon became clear that this date was going to be a long-term marriage. Fantastic working with the team, long may it continue.

Paula Matthews Group Marketing Manager ITEC
Paula Matthews Group Marketing Manager

The game of cricket is alien to most people so I was delighted to find Publicity Matters were not in that category.

Their expertise across all marketing platforms is impressive and especially in the sporting arena. They don’t only get it, they nail it every time!

Steve Silk CEO Gloucestershire County Cricket
Steve Silk CEO

Publicity Matters and Thule Group have had a long-standing relationship that spans over a large number of communication areas.

Rob and his team has played a large role in the UK in the journey that broadened the Thule brand to become clearly associated with the sports and outdoor industry and to significantly broaden the product portfolio. It has been a pleasure to work with the agency to create attention and visibility for our brand and our values.

Alan Gear UK Sports Retail KAM THULE
Alan Gear UK Sports Retail KAM

Working with Publicity Matters was a joy. The team there are very focussed and attentive and have a lot of great contacts within the Infant and Juvenile Industry that I was involved in. The level of service was superb, with plans, timelines and expected results communicated along the way.

The work that was provided achieved good brand exposure in a short space of time, and the team were always looking at how to better this moving forward. I would have no hesitation working with Publicity Matters again.

Emma Sicolo, Deputy Manager Titcombe Bespoke Jewellery
Emma Sicolo, Deputy Manager

Matt was helpful from the get-go with getting this site up and going. We find that his patience when explaining things is helpful and he never minds explaining things repeatedly when needed! He was also on hand anytime to answer questions or to give advice.

It was helpful when he was able to meet all deadlines about when elements would be ready to go. We are delighted with the site that he has created, and it has met the brief which we provided.

Amy Kington Community of Purpose
Amy Kington
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