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Several digital challenges estate agencies face when attracting new business

March 7, 2024

Why leverage a digital marketing service to maximise new business and what are the challenges estate agencies face.

In today’s digital age, a significant portion of potential home buyers and sellers start their journey online, making digital platforms ideal for engaging with a vast audience. Digital marketing allows for targeted advertising, enabling estate agents to connect with specific demographics most likely to require their services. But what are the key factors and obstacles estate agencies face and how to overcome them.

By addressing them effectively requires a combination of market knowledge, marketing and communication skills, a commitment to professional development, and a focus on building long-term relationships with clients.

By embracing digital marketing effectively, estate agents can efficiently expand their clientele, increase visibility, and ultimately, close more deals by focussing on these key areas.


The property market is highly competitive, with many agents vying for a limited number of potential clients. Standing out from the competition requires unique marketing strategies, strong online presence, and a solid reputation. Find out what are the benefits in hiring a digital marketing agency.

Market Knowledge
Clients expect estate agents to have in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market, including pricing trends, neighbourhood details, and inventory levels. Staying informed and up-to-date requires constant effort and research.
Building Trust
Trust is a critical factor in the client-agent relationship. New clients may be skeptical or cautious at first. Building trust takes time and is achieved through transparency, consistent communication, and demonstrating genuine interest in the clients’ needs.
Digital Marketing Skills
In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is essential for attracting new clients. This includes maintaining an updated website, active social media profiles, and possibly a blog. Many agents face the challenge of mastering digital marketing skills or affording professional help.
Lead Generation & Management
Generating high-quality leads and effectively managing them is crucial but challenging. Agents need to use a mix of marketing strategies and tools to attract leads and then efficiently follow up to convert leads into clients.
Customer Expectations
Clients today expect a high level of service, including immediate responses to inquiries and personalised attention. Meeting these expectations requires time, dedication, and sometimes, technological assistance.
Regulatory Compliance
Keeping up with local real estate laws, regulations, and ethical standards is essential but can be challenging, especially for new agents or those operating in multiple jurisdictions.
Value Proposition
Clearly articulating what sets them apart from other agents and why a potential client should choose them over competitors is crucial. This could be related to experience, local knowledge, marketing strategies, or negotiation skills.

What are the solutions? Here are several key strategies which can help:

SEO & Local SEO

Ensure your website is optimised for search engines to improve visibility. Use local SEO strategies to target potential clients in your area, focusing on local keywords, registering with Google My Business, and building local backlinks.

Social Media Marketing

Utilise platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to showcase properties, share success stories, and engage with your community. Social media marketing can also be highly targeted to reach specific demographics or interests.

Video Marketing

Videos, including virtual tours, client testimonials, and market updates, can be very effective. They increase engagement and can give a real sense of the property or the neighbourhood to potential buyers.


Implement remarketing strategies to re-engage visitors who have previously visited your website but did not convert. Remarketing ads can remind them of your services and bring them back to your site.

Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

Implementing VR and AR for virtual property tours can set your agency apart from competitors, offering an immersive experience to clients who cannot visit properties in person.

Content Marketing

Create valuable, engaging content which appeals to your target audience. This can include blogs, market analysis, email newsletters, and guides on buying or selling properties. High-quality content can attract visitors to your site and establish your agency as a thought leader in the real estate industry.

Email Marketing

Develop a targeted email marketing campaign to stay in touch with potential and past clients. Personalised emails based on user behaviour or interests can increase engagement and conversion rates.

Paid Advertising

Use Google Ads and social media advertising to target potential clients actively searching for real estate services. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be particularly effective in driving targeted traffic to your website.

Responsive Website Design

Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, fast, and easy to navigate. A significant amount of traffic comes from mobile devices, and a positive user experience can greatly increase the chances of conversion.

Reputation Management

Monitor and manage your online reviews and testimonials. Positive reviews can significantly influence potential clients’ decisions, so encourage satisfied clients to share their experiences online.

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