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Monthly Support Plans. Save time and money. Achieve the outcomes you are after.

Apr 16 2024

Effortless WordPress Hosting

Our comprehensive WordPress website hosting...
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Apr 07 2024

Managed WordPress website hosting: whats included and how much do they cost?

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Apr 07 2024

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Mar 08 2024

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Mar 08 2024

Which is the best image format to use?

Theres no such thing as the best image format...
Mar 07 2024

How to attract and retain customers online in hospitality

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Mar 07 2024

What makes a great website great?

A great website is intuitive and easy to...
Mar 07 2024

Several digital challenges estate agencies face when attracting new business

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Mar 03 2024

What do we cover in a SEO report?

Our SEO report helps identify areas for...
Mar 03 2024

Why does my contact form receive so much spam content

Yes, for many a website administrator or...

Several significant advantages to regular monthly support.

This approach allows for a more strategic, cohesive, and proactive marketing effort.
Strategic Alignment & Planning
Consistency: retained services ensure your marketing strategy is consistently applied across all channels and campaigns, maintaining brand voice and objectives.

Long-Term Planning: agencies can plan for the long term, aligning marketing initiatives with business goals, seasonal trends, and market opportunities, which is more effective than ad-hoc efforts.

Regular Content Updates & Engagement
Freshness: regular updates keep your website and social media channels fresh, which is critical for engaging with your audience and improving SEO rankings.

Relevance: continuous content creation ensures your brand stays relevant and top-of-mind with your target audience, adapting to current trends and news.

Expertise in Design, Branding & Web Support
Professional Quality: access to professional design and branding expertise helps ensure high-quality outputs that resonate with your target market and reflect your brand’s values.

Technical Support: ongoing web support can swiftly address issues, implement updates, and optimise user experience, crucial for maintaining your online presence’s effectiveness and security.

Enhanced Business & Client Engagement
Relationship Building: retained services allow marketers to deeply understand your business and audience, enabling personalised and impactful engagement strategies.

Feedback Loop: continuous collaboration fosters a feedback loop where strategies can be quickly adjusted based on performance analytics and changing business needs.

Cost-Effectiveness & ROI
Predictable Budgeting: a retained service model means predictable marketing expenses, aiding in budget management and financial planning.

Higher ROI: with a dedicated team focused on your marketing, efforts are more strategic, integrated, and agile, leading to better performance, higher conversions, and ultimately, a better return on investment compared to disjointed, project-based work.

Focus on Core Business Operations
Time Savings: outsourcing marketing efforts frees up your internal team to focus on core business operations, leveraging their strengths where it matters most.

Skill Set Access: retained agencies bring a wide range of skills and experience, from SEO to social media, without the business having to hire multiple specialists in-house.

Interested in bespoke only web & graphic design services? Choose Publicity Matters.

We create visually appealing and effective designs aligning with your brand, target audience, and business goals. We offer a dedicated team, industry insights, and a collaborative process to deliver high-quality, impactful designs that can set your brand apart.


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