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Templates just ain't cricket. We don't use WordPress templates.

Our approach ensures every project is a unique digital masterpiece.

The drawbacks when using WordPress templates.

WordPress is a great user friendly content management system packed with useful features in a easy to use framework. Themes are at the heart of WordPress and quite often its easier to buy a ready made template theme off the shelf with little customisation. There a number of reasons why this approach is preferred than a custom build process which comes down to things like speed, cost and pre-built functions. We certainly won’t knock this approach however our process is completely tailored and bespoke. All our projects start from a blank canvas.

It’s important to note while templates can provide a quick and cost-effective solution for some projects, they may not be suitable for businesses who value a unique and tailored online presence, advanced functionality, and long-term scalability. Careful consideration should be given to whether a template or custom design approach is the right fit for your specific needs.

Lack of uniqueness

Templates are used by many websites, making it challenging to create a distinctive and unique online presence for your brand.

Cookie-Cutter Appearance

Your website may look similar to other websites using the same template, which can dilute your brand’s visual identity.

Security Concerns

Template-based websites are more susceptible to security vulnerabilities if not regularly updated and maintained.

Difficulty in future updates

As templates age or become unsupported, updating or adding new features can become complicated and costly.

Inflexible Design Changes

Making significant design changes to a template-based website can be complex and may require professional help.

Content Structure Constraints

The template’s predefined content structure may not suit your content strategy, affecting the presentation of your information.

Difficulty in scaling

As your business grows, you may outgrow the capabilities of a template, necessitating a redesign from scratch.

Difficulty in troubleshooting

When issues arise, troubleshooting can be more complex on template-based websites due to the variety of components and code.

Limited Customisation

Templates have design limitations, restricting your ability to tailor the site to your exact requirements or brand identity.

Performance Issues

Templates may contain unnecessary code or features can slow down your website’s loading speed, negatively impacting user experience and SEO.

Restrictions on functionality

Templates may not support specific features or functionalities are crucial for your business, limiting your website’s capabilities.

SEO Challenges

Templates may not support specific features or functionalities are crucial for your business, limiting your website’s capabilities.

Branding Limitations

Templates may not align with your brand’s specific colour schemes, typography, or visual elements, making consistent branding a challenge.

Ownership & Licensing

Some templates come with licensing restrictions limit your control and ownership of the website.

User Experience Limitations

Templates may not be optimised for the best user experience on all devices, leading to usability issues.
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