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What is a sales funnel and how does it work?

February 3, 2024

Web sales funnels include several stages to guide potential customers from awareness to making a purchase.

Remember, a successful sales funnel is customer-centric and aims to provide value at each stage, building a lasting relationship with your audience.


Engaging blog posts, informative articles, or visually appealing landing pages introducing your brand and unique selling propositions. When it comes to social media, promote content on platforms like Instagram or Facebook to generate initial interest.


Encourage visitors to subscribe for updates, exclusive offers, or a newsletter showcasing your latest designs email newsletter signup. Provide in-depth guides, videos, or webinars about your services trends, craftsmanship, and care.


Product pages: detailed pages for each product collection, including high-quality images, specifications, and compelling product descriptions.

Customer testimonials: feature positive reviews and testimonials to build trust.

Comparison guides: help potential customers understand the unique aspects setting your product apart.


Customisation options: showcase a dedicated page explaining your bespoke services and the process of creating personalised products.

Virtual consultation booking: if applicable, offer the option for clients to book a virtual consultation to discuss their unique requirements.


Secure ecommerce platform: implement a user-friendly online store with a secure checkout process.

Special offers or discounts: provide incentives like limited-time discounts or exclusive offers to encourage immediate purchase.


Order confirmation: send a personalised confirmation email with details of the purchase and estimated delivery.

Follow-up emails: send follow-up emails expressing gratitude, providing care instructions, and requesting feedback.


Customer Loyalty Programs: implement loyalty programs, offering rewards or exclusive benefits for repeat customers.

Regular Updates: keep customers engaged with newsletters, showcasing new collections, and exclusive previews.

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